A road trip through Germany, and other ways to pass the time (Part 3): the Rhine valley

In September 2015, my mom, my wife and I embarked on a month-long trip through Germany, with a few days in Belgium and the UK thrown in for good measure. On the itinerary: Wuppertal, Brussels, the Rhine, Germany’s ‘romantic road’, Munich and the Oktoberfest, Berlin, London and Cambridge. All in a month’s time.

This is part three of the story, and is about our experiences in the Upper Middle Rhine valley.

The great Rhine, Ruedesheim and Oestrich-Winkel

When we got back from Brussels, we spent a few more days in Wuppertal, and then started our road trip in earnest. The first leg was a drive down the Rhine via Leverkusen, Cologne and Koblenz to Ruedesheim (a distance of just over 200 km, roughly one-third of the length of the Rhine in Germany) to meet some old friends of my mom’s. This route took us about three hours, and once we were off the autobahn, the roads mostly ran alongside the river. Driving along the river through tiny villages and past hilltop castles was vastly more enjoyable than using the autobahn, and gave us our first real experience of the German countryside. The only problem was that we kept having to slow down to the urban speed limit of 50 kmph every time we passed close to a village—and there were a lot of them—while being acutely aware of the hidden automated speed monitors along the road. Despite our best efforts, we were sent a few speeding tickets at the end of our trip (though finding out that that was normal for that route made us feel a bit better).

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